The license administrator for your GQueues for BUSINESS subscription is responsible for managing your licenses, but they're also the person in charge of adjusting payment information and updating your domain in GQueues.

As the license admin, you can hand over those responsibilities to someone else at any time. Maybe you’re leaving your company, switching departments, or simply have a new job description. Whatever the reason, GQueues makes it easy to transfer your license admin duties. 😊

Change your GQueues for BUSINESS license administrator

You must be logged in to GQueues as the current license admin in order to make this update.

👉 Pro Tip: Install GQueues on your Google Workspace domain, so any Google Workspace Super Admin can manage your subscription too!

  1. Open the Account tab of GQueues Settings. Under GQueues for BUSINESS Subscriptions, click Manage.

    Link to manage licenses for GQueues for BUSINESS Subscription
  2. Select Change admin.

    Button to Change Admin for GQueues for BUSINESS

  3. Enter the email address of the new administrator and click Update.

    Enter the email address of the new license administrator

Please Note: Once you’ve changed the email address of the license admin, the original admin will no longer be able to manage the licenses unless they are a Google Workspace Super Admin and you have installed GQueues on your Google Workspace domain.

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