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What happens to your data and subscription when you delete your GQueues account, and how to do it
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We hope GQueues will serve as a lifelong tool to help you stay organized, whether that’s through task management, project management, or finding the right central location for your team to collaborate digitally.

And sometimes that means being able to just start fresh. Maybe you have a new job, maybe you want to totally re-work your organizational framework in the app. Whatever the reason, if you want that clean slate, deleting your account is the way to go.

What happens to your data if you delete your account

When you follow the steps to delete your GQueues account, it will permanently delete your account. This includes:

  • All of your tasks, queues, categories, and account settings will be deleted

  • Your GQueues calendar will be removed from Google Calendar if you had previously activated calendar integration

  • You will no longer be able to use GQueues Add-ons or Chrome extensions

If you choose to create a GQueues account with the same email again in the future, you will no longer have access to any Teams you were a part of, or any queues shared with you.

Make sure you’re comfortable with this before proceeding.

What happens to your subscription if you delete your account

GQueues for BUSINESS

If you’re on GQueues for BUSINESS, deleting your individual account is a separate process from cancelling your BUSINESS subscription.

To cancel your entire BUSINESS subscription, make sure to turn off auto-renew before deleting your account.

👉 Pro Tip: If you deleted your account before cancelling your BUSINESS subscription, reach out to our Customer Care Team. We can help get everything sorted for you 😊

GQueues for YOU

If you’re on GQueues for YOU, auto-renew will automatically be turned off for your existing subscription when you delete your account, effectively cancelling that subscription.

What isn’t affected when you delete your account

Deleting your GQueues account will not delete your Google Account or any other accounts where you use Google Login. Your Gmail and/or Google Workspace information will remain unchanged and you will still be able to access other Google services for this account.

How to delete your account

To delete your GQueues account go to the Account tab of your Settings and click Delete GQueues Account.

WARNING: This will delete ALL your GQueues data and it CANNOT be recovered after the delete process completes.

Button to Delete GQueues account circled in GQueues settings

You’ll see a message laying out what this means and reminding you to turn off auto-renewal if you also want to cancel your subscription, and transfer team ownership if you are a team owner. Click Delete GQueues account again to proceed.

Delete GQueues Account button and warning explaining what it means

To complete the account deletion process, type DELETE-ALL-MY-DATA in the box and click Delete GQueues account.

Complete the account deletion process by typing DELETE-ALL-MY-DATA in the box

You will be logged out of GQueues and will be sent an email confirming the delete process is complete.

Then the next time you log in to GQueues with this email address, you'll have a clean slate so you can start fresh.

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