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Attaching relevant files to your work
Attach files that aren’t in Google Drive
Attach files that aren’t in Google Drive

Upload files from your computer to a task.

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Attaching files from Google Drive isn’t the only way to add files to tasks. Uploading files from your personal computer is easy. Here are some quick ways to upload your important items and let GQueues do the rest, making staying organized easier than ever!

Attach files from your computer

Drag and drop files

You can easily drag and drop your files, no matter the file type, right onto any task.

That budget spreadsheet? Stored. That sales presentation? Good to go. Your ten page research essay? Done.

Just select the file you want to attach and drag it to the task where you want it saved. The active task will highlight so you can see exactly where you’re attaching the file.

It may take a few seconds before your item appears.

Drag and drop files to attach to a task

Upload files from your computer

If you want to attach a file to your task that lives on your computer, start by hovering over your task and clicking the paperclip icon or the Attach button, and choose Select from Drive

Attach a file to your task from Google Drive.

Navigate to the Upload tab and click Select files from your device

Upload a file from your device and attach to a task

This will upload the file to your drive and attach it to your task.

Click on the file name to preview your newly attached file.

Copy and paste images

One of the quickest ways to save an image to your task is to copy and paste it right into your Queue. This only works for images, so it’s great for saving event flyers, infographics, scans, and any other image file you may need for your upcoming projects.

Start by copying the image you want to save by selecting the image and typing Ctrl + C if you’re on a PC, or Command + C if you’re on a Mac.

Copy a file to attach to your task

Next, make sure the task where you want the file to go is selected and you’re typing in the title or notes section, then key Ctrl + V if you’re on a PC, or Command + V if you’re on a Mac.

Paste a file to attach it to your task

You’ll be prompted to name the file before it saves to your task

Name your file and save to attach the file to a task

Once saved, you can open your item without having to leave the window you’re on. Just click the file for a preview.

Locate uploaded files in Drive

Because attachments work through Google Drive, any time you attach a file with any of the methods above, a copy of that file is created in your Drive. For most methods, the default location is in a folder called GQueues Uploads.

Your attachments are saved in a new folder in Google Drive.

If you choose the upload option, the default location will be in your Drive in no folder. If you want to choose a different place for the file to live, select a different location from the No folder dropdown.

Choose a Drive folder to attach a file to your task

Now that you’re an expert on quickly attaching files to tasks, you’re ready to get out there and get things done. When that meeting comes around for your next event, you’ll show up prepared and equipped to show off your stuff. 😎

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