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Finding and filtering important tasks
Create reports with Smart Queues
Identify tasks relevant to your work with custom Smart Queues
Identify tasks relevant to your work with custom Smart Queues

Types of Smart Queues, how to modify existing Smart Queues, and how to create your own

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The default Smart Queues already give you lots of power to compare tasks from different queues to figure out what to work on next. But if you want to run a report to see what your team has on their plate, or view all tasks that require collaboration from other organizations, that requires a more specialized setup. With custom Smart Queues, you can perform these complex searches with the click of a button!

Add a new Smart Queue

To create a new Smart Queue, click Add Smart Queue from the Smart Queues dropdown menu in the left hand panel.

Create your own Smart Queue from the lefthand panel

Name the Smart Queue and then select the relevant criteria.

Add Smart Queue window

General Smart Queue

There are two types of Smart Queues. The General Smart Queue is the default and the most versatile, allowing you to select a variety of criteria. You can search your entire account, or a specific location, and choose to specify tasks by their date, assignments, and tags.

For instance, if you manage an intern who gets work from multiple people on your team, it might be helpful to create a Smart Queue for any tasks assigned to her.

👉 Pro Tip: Smart Queues include a summary of what your search criteria means in plain English. To quickly double-check your Smart Queue settings are correct, just check the blue text at the bottom matches your expectations.

See a summary of your Smart Queue criteria at the bottom of the setup window

After you save the settings, you’ll see the results and can confirm they’re correct. You can always go back to edit the search criteria later.

Results from a new Smart Queue to see the intern's tasks

Next actions Smart Queue

The Next actions Smart Queue will display the first task(s) from your queues. This is a quick and easy way to see what is top priority across your whole account to help you figure out what to work on next.

Smart Queue setup for Next actions Smart Queue

Results from Next actions Smart Queue

Modify an existing Smart Queue

Edit a Smart Queue

You can edit a Smart Queue at any time, even the default Smart Queues! To make changes, open the dropdown menu and select Edit.

Edit a Smart Queue

Delete a Smart Queue

If you don’t need a Smart Queue anymore and don’t want to edit it to fit your needs, you can delete it from the queue’s dropdown menu as well.

Delete a Smart Queue

Rest assured, deleting the Smart Queue will remove the queue only, not any of the tasks that would show up in it.

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