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A great aspect of GQueues is the ability to easily move tasks around. As your priorities shift, your to-do list does too. This makes publishing a great option for sharing dynamic lists with others. But if you need to share your queues with someone who isn’t exactly tech-savvy, or if you like having a literal paper trail of what you've accomplished, printing the queue out for them is the way to go.

Print a queue

Print one queue

  1. Navigate to the queue you’d like to print

  2. Open the queue’s More menu and select Print

    Print a queue from the queue More menu

  3. Select what information you’d like included, and click Preview

    Select what information you'd like included when you print your queue

  4. This will open up a separate tab where you can print your queue, save it as a PDF, or save to your Google Drive.

    Use the print preview window to make sure the correct information is showing

👉 Pro Tip: If you want to save paper and know the recipient can navigate the internet, try publishing your queue instead.

Print multiple queues

You can print all the queues in a category by selecting Print queues from the category’s dropdown menu. The steps are the same as printing a single queue.

Print a list of queue names

If you just need the queue names printed out, select Print queue names from the category’s dropdown menu.

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