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Create tasks from a web page in a browser that’s not Google Chrome
Create tasks from a web page in a browser that’s not Google Chrome

Use the GQueues Bookmarklet to create tasks from a web page on any browser

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With the Bookmarklet feature, you can easily create tasks from a webpage even if you’re not using Google Chrome.

Add tasks with Bookmarklet

Add the Bookmarklet to your browser

Creating tasks in any browser is as easy as saving a bookmark.

From GQueues, go to Settings and from the Tools tab, click and drag the Create GQueues Task link to your bookmark bar.

Click and drag the Bookmarklet tool the address bar.

In some browsers, you can right-click the link and choose Add to Favorites or Bookmark This Link.

Right click the Bookmarklet tool to add it to your browser.

Create a task

Now that the Bookmarklet is added to your browser, you don’t have to interrupt what you’re focused on to create a new task.

Start by clicking Create GQueues Task from the bookmarks bar.

A Create Task window will appear.

Create a task from your browser with the Bookmarklet.

The description is automatically set to the title of the website. After the task is created, a link to the current website will be automatically added to the task notes.

Modify and add any notes you’d like.

The default queue is your Inbox, but you can change this by clicking the queue and opening the dropdown menu.

Click Create Task and it will be added to the queue!

Create a task from the Bookmarklet.

Reset and disable Bookmarklet

The bookmarklet uses your private key for authorization when creating new tasks. It’s wise not to add it to public browsers!

If the bookmarklet ends up in a browser where it shouldn't be, you can sign out of all tools across browsers.

Go to Settings and from the Tools tab, click Sign out of tools.

Sign out and disable the Bookmarklet from Settings.

After that, any bookmarklets you've added will be disabled.

You’ll need to re-add the bookmarklet to your browser to start using it again.

Creating tasks from any webpage with GQueues is easy. With the Bookmarklet, you can keep on multi-tasking, no matter what browser you’re using.

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