How to unpublish a queue

Make a queue private so it is no longer publicly-viewable

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If you published a queue you no longer want to be accessible by the public, you can switch it back to private with a couple quick steps:

Make a queue private

From the left hand panel, click the drop-down menu of the queue you want to make private and select Publish.

Select Publish from the lefthand panel to open the publishing window

This will open the publishing window. Click the Private option and select Save.

Select Private to change a queue from public to private

Once you make the queue private, if others click the link you shared or view a web page where you embedded the queue, a message will appear stating the queue is no longer public.

Message users will see if they attempt to view a queue that is no longer published

πŸ‘‰ Pro Tip: Remove the HTML directly from your web page to give your users the best experience and make sure this message no longer appears.

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