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Can you use GQueues without a Gmail address?
Can you use GQueues without a Gmail address?

How to use GQueues with an email address from Outlook, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud, Comcast, or other email providers

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GQueues uses Google Login, so a Google Account, whether through Gmail or Google Workspace, is required to sign in to GQueues.

Use a Google Account with a non-Google email

Although you'll get a better experience if you use GQueues with a Google Account, if needed, you can sign up for a free Google Account using an existing email address from other providers on this page.

Create a GQueues account without a Gmail account.

❗️Please Note: For the best experience, we recommend you use a Gmail or Google Workspace email to access GQueues. With the method above, you won't have access to all of GQueues' features, including the Google Workspace Add-on. You'll also need to use Google Calendar for calendar syncing and Google Drive for cloud-based attachments, rather than the options included with your existing provider.

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