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Having trouble with the iOS app syncing? Try these steps.
Having trouble with the iOS app syncing? Try these steps.

How to force your mobile app to sync, and how to reset your account if things have gotten out of whack

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Data syncs automatically between your iOS device and the web. Syncing happens in the background, even when the app isn't open (unless you have force closed the app). If you make changes while offline those changes will automatically sync the next time you have a network connection.

If your mobile app still isn't displaying your tasks to match the web, here are some steps to try:

Force a manual sync

Manual syncing is usually not necessary, but you can tap the Sync button to force syncing at that moment. You will need to have a network connection for this to work.

Force your mobile app to sync by pressing the sync button at the bottom right corner

If the manual sync works, but your phone still isn't automatically syncing changes you make on the web, try restarting your phone! That often gets thing working again if they get out of whack.

Check your settings

  1. Open the Settings app

  2. Scroll down to GQueues

  3. Make sure background refresh and cellular data are enabled

Confirm the GQueues app is set to use cellular data and background app refresh is on

Make sure your phone and app are up-to-date

Outdated versions of your operating system or the GQueues app can sometimes cause syncing problems.

An update to your OS should show in your phone settings. And updates to the GQueues app will show in the App Store.

Reset your account

If your mobile app still isn't syncing after trying the steps above, the next step is to reset your account.

❗️Please Note: Before resetting your account you should make sure everything looks correct on the web. Anything that only appears on your phone and not the desktop will be lost after a reset.

  1. Confirm your account looks correct when viewed from the web. When your mobile app is reset it will re-download everything from the web version, so please make sure that is set before moving on.

  2. Choose Accounts... from the sidebar menu.

    Select Accounts to access account settings
  3. Tap the gear icon for the specific account.

    Choose the account you'd like to open the settings for
  4. Choose Reset Account. This will clear all account data from your device and re-download all data from the web.

Choose Reset Account to re-download your data from the web

Re-install the App

If you're still experiencing syncing issues, it can be helpful to completely uninstall and reinstall the GQueues app from your phone.

  1. Uninstall the app

  2. Turn off the device completely and wait 1 minute (this clears the app from the device memory)

  3. Turn on the device and re-install the app from the App Store.

If you're still having trouble with the app syncing, or if you need any help completing any of the steps above, reach out to our customer care team! We're happy to help 😄

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