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Give your whole domain access to the Google Workspace Add-on
Give your whole domain access to the Google Workspace Add-on

Whitelist the Add-on or install it for your domain

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The Google Workspace Add-on is key for fully integrating GQueues with your Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. If lots of people on your domain use GQueues, make sure everyone has access to this key feature.

Install the Add-on on your domain

If you're an Admin for your Google Workspace domain, you can install the Add-on for everyone's account! This will make it even faster for your teammates to get in the flow of using GQueues and take one more task off of their plates.

To install the Add-on for all users on your domain, go to the Marketplace listing. Make sure you are signed in with an Admin account and click the Domain Install button.

Select Admin Install from Google Marketplace to install the Google Workspace Add-on for all accounts in your domain

Follow the prompts to allow access.

Follow the prompts to allow domain wide install

👉 Pro Tip: If only one of your organizational units needs access to the add-on, you can select which group has access on the screen below. You can also always changed this later from the Admin Console.

Choose whether to install the Add-on for your entire Google Workspace domain, or just for one organizational group

Whitelist the Add-on for your domain

If you want to leave it up to users whether they install the Add-on themselves or not, make sure they'll be able to install it individually by whitelisting the Add-on.

You can read about adding Marketplace apps to your allowlist here, or go to the page shown below in your Admin Console and click on "Manage allowlist."

Manage your allowlist for apps in Google Marketplace

In the screen that appears, click Add app to allowlist, search for GQueues, and click Add app to allowlist for both GQueues apps.

Add the GQueues for Google Workspace Add-on to your allowlist in Google Marketplace

❗️Please Note: This does not install the Add-on on everyone's account, it just gives each user the ability to install it if desired.

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