Install GQueues on your account for easy access

Open GQueues from your Apps menu

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To make accessing your tasks even easier, install GQueues on your Google Account so you can open it from your Apps menu.

In addition to seeing GQueues next to your other Google tools, it speeds up the login process. Instead of reentering your login information, you'll be automatically signed in using Google's secure SSO authentication for quick access.

It's totally free and included with all subscription plans.

Go to the GQueues listing in the Google Workspace Marketplace and click Install. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

Install GQueues on your Google Account from the Google Workspace Marketplace

Once installed, GQueues will appear in your Apps menu, giving you quick access to GQueues from other Google products such as Gmail, Drive and Calendar.

See GQueues listed alongside your other Apps

❗️Please Note: It can take around 15 minutes after installation before it appears.

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