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Attaching relevant files to your work
Share attachments with your team so everyone has the same information
Share attachments with your team so everyone has the same information

Easily share information with your teammates by using attachments

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The attachments feature lets you create and share important files with your whole team so you can be confident that everyone has access to the same information.

Use attachments to collaborate with your team

Share attachments

If you attach a file to a task in a shared or team queue, that file is automatically shared with everyone in the queue according to their access rights.

Here’s how permissions work when sharing attachments:

Attachments will be shared with users with Read Only access in Google Drive when:

  • A task is assigned to them

  • The task lives in a Team Queue where they’re a Viewer, Commenter, or Completer

  • They have view-only access to a shared queue

Attachments will be shared with users with Editor access in Google Drive when:

  • A task is in a Team Queue where they are a Collaborator, Manager, or Owner

  • They have collaborator access in a queue shared with them

👉Pro Tip: If you want to share a task with collaborators but you don’t want them to have Editor access in Google Drive, you should paste the link in the task notes instead of attaching it. Then you can set View Only permissions within Google Drive and GQueues won't grant edit access to task collaborators!

View and edit attachments

Attachments display the file name and file type right from your task, so everyone can easily scan the task to see what types of attachments you’re working with.

Anyone included in your Team Queue can preview the attachment right from GQueues by clicking on the file name.

Those with View Only permissions in GQueues and Google Drive can view files, but can’t make edits.

View only permission of Docs

Collaborators, Managers, and Owners have Editing access in Google Drive, so when they view attachments, they’ll also be able to make changes.

Edit permissions for Docs

Dragging and dropping a task with attachments from a private queue to a shared queue will automatically share those attachments with anyone who has access to that queue.

❗️Please Note: The reverse is not true - dragging a task from a shared queue into a private queue will NOT change the access rights of any attachments. The same is true for un-sharing queues: if you have a queue shared with John and then remove John as a collaborator, any attachments in the queue are NOT automatically un-shared with John.

👉Pro Tip: To change who has access to attached files you want to un-share, you can manage those settings directly from Google Drive.

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