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Grant GQueues access to Google Contacts for your domain

Authorize access to new OAuth scopes in your Workspace Admin panel to enable Google Contacts integration for all users on your domain

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Action Required

In November 2021, we updated our Google Contacts integration in line with changes Google made to Google Contacts. To avoid interruption to the integration, the Google Workspace Admin needs to Grant Access to two new scopes:

  1. Log in to your Google Workspace Admin Panel and go to the GQueues configuration page:

  2. Click "Grant access" to authorize GQueues to access the new People API scopes

    Click Grant Access to authorize

Background Info

When you installed GQueues on your domain you authorized GQueues to access Google Contacts so your users could easily assign and share tasks with their contacts.

This Google Contacts integration was built using the Contacts API, which Google has now deprecated and replaced with the new People API. We're updating our systems to use the new People API. In order for the integration to continue working without interruption, you need to grant access to the new scopes used by the People API.

New scopes

GQueues uses the following new scopes with the People API to integrate with Google Contacts.

Other Contacts

This allows GQueues to show a user's "Other Contacts" in the dropdown menu when they're sharing or assigning tasks. "Other Contacts" are contacts that Gmail automatically adds to a user's account when they reply to emails.

Directory Contacts

This allows GQueues to show a user's "Directory Contacts" in the dropdown menu when they are sharing or assigning tasks. "Directory Contacts" are other users on your domain.

NOTE: The regular "Contacts" scope is still used, but you have already granted access to this one ( ).

Individual Authorization

If you take no action and do NOT grant access to the new scopes, individual users on your domain can decide if they want to activate the Contacts integration for their account. In this case, a user will be shown a "Connect with Google Contacts" button which will take them through the authorization process to grant GQueues access to only their contacts.

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