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Access your GQueues tasks from more than one email address
Access your GQueues tasks from more than one email address

How to use GQueues with multiple accounts

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If you only have one email address, managing your tasks is pretty straightforward. If you want to be able to work with your tasks when logged in with different email addresses, sometimes it's hard to know what setup is right for your situation. This article will help break down all of your options.

What counts as a GQueues user?

A GQueues user is defined by their Google Account (email address). That means you'll only be able to log in to GQueues online with the primary email address on your Google Account. You can't link a single GQueues account to multiple email addresses, since GQueues uses Google Login.

That means in order to see your tasks from multiple emails, you'll need to share your task with your other email(s), or decide if you really need full functionality for both email addresses.

Manage your tasks with multiple GQueues accounts

This option lets you:

  • Attach or link emails to tasks from any of your email addresses

  • Create tasks from webpages no matter which account is using Chrome

  • View and add new tasks from Google Calendar without worrying which account is logged in

  • Log in to GQueues with any of your email addresses and see the same set of tasks

If you want to do any of the above, managing your tasks from multiple accounts is the way to go.

Set up GQueues to manage your tasks from multiple accounts

  1. Create an account for each email you want to use (to create an account, just sign in with that email address)

  2. Purchase a GQueues for BUSINESS subscription with enough licenses to give each email a license

  3. Issue the licenses to each of the emails you want to use

  4. Use Teams to organize your work and add each of your emails as a member of the teams

  5. You'll need to activate any integrations and install any extensions or add-ons to all accounts.

  6. Bonus! If you're going to be working from more than one account on a regular basis, we recommend setting up Chrome profiles. They make it much easier to keep straight what you're working on and what account you're logged into. (It's also required if you want to use the Google Workspace Add-on or Chrome extensions with multiple accounts.)

Manage your tasks from one primary account

With this option, you would only need one GQueues account from which to manage your tasks. But you'll have less flexibility with how your other accounts can interact with your tasks. Essentially, all they'll be able to do is create tasks in your account. If that's all you need, then great! But otherwise, you'll be better off with the setup above.

What your primary account can do

You should only access GQueues from your primary account, since you won't be able to see your tasks from other emails. You can choose any of your email addresses you like, as long as they're also associated with a Google account. You'll also only be able to use our Add-ons, extensions, and mobile apps when logged in with your primary account.

What your other accounts can do

You can create tasks from any of your other emails by emailing them directly to a queue. Otherwise, they won't be able to interact with your tasks in any way.

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