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Add licenses to your GQueues for BUSINESS subscription
Add licenses to your GQueues for BUSINESS subscription

Purchase additional licenses to your GQueues subscription as your organization grows

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Are you using GQueues to help run your business, and is that business growing? Or has your department realized greater success with GQueues and other teams in your organization want to jump on board? You can easily add new licenses to your existing subscription and even take advantage of significant volume discounts.

Purchase additional GQueues for BUSINESS licenses

  1. Logged in as the license admin, go to the Account tab of GQueues Settings. Under GQueues for BUSINESS subscriptions, click Manage.

    Link to manage licenses for GQueues for BUSINESS subscription

  2. Select Buy More Licenses.

    Button to Buy More Licenses for GQueues for BUSINESS subscription

  3. Enter the number of additional licenses you want to purchase and click either Check out with Credit Card or Check out with PayPal, depending on how you’d like to complete payment.

    Checkout page to buy more licenses for GQueues for BUSINESS subscription

  4. Issue the licenses to your new users.

Your new licenses will have the same expiration date as your existing licenses and the total amount will be automatically prorated to keep everyone on the same billing cycle. Our checkout system also takes our volume discounts into account, based on the new total for your entire subscription after the additional licenses are purchased.

If your BUSINESS subscription was set to auto-renew, the previous repeating charge will be replaced with a new repeating charge for the new total number of licenses. You'll receive an email that confirms the old repeating charge has been replaced by the new one.

P.S. If you need to decrease the number of licenses on your account, reach out to our Customer Care team! We're happy to make that adjustment for you. 😊

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