Here’s what you need to know to change your credit card information so that your subscriptions can stay up-to-date.

Update PayPal billing information

If you purchased the subscription using PayPal, you can update your default payment info by logging into your PayPal account directly.

Update credit card on file

GQueues for BUSINESS

To update the credit card information used for subscription payments, go to GQueues Settings, in the Account tab under GQueues for BUSINESS subscriptions click manage.

Link to manage GQueues for BUSINESS subscription

Then, click Update billing info.

GQueues for BUSINESS Subscription Page with button to Update billing info

GQueues for YOU

You can see all the GQueues for YOU subscriptions that you manage under the Account tab in GQueues settings. Subscriptions managed by this account are listed in the GQueues for YOU subscriptions section.

To change the credit card information, click Update billing info for the subscription you want to update.

Account tab of GQueues Settings with button to Update billing info for GQueues for YOU Subscription

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