Review changes with the Activity Panel

View the edit history on tasks and queues, learn what types of actions are tracked, and see who made what changes

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Whether you’re working on something solo or collaborating with teammates, it’s super handy to be able to look back on a task and see what has changed. The Activity Panel lets you see edits to queues and tasks so you can always reference previous versions to get the information you need.

The Activity Panel

Whenever you view a task or a queue, you can open the Activity Panel to see any modifications you or a teammate made. To open the Activity Panel, navigate to the queue you want to view activity for and click the Queue Info button to open the right-hand panel. Then click the Activity tab.

Open Activity panel for a queue

This will show all actions for all tasks within that queue, and changes made to the queue itself.

Actions are grouped by date in reverse chronological order so it’s easy to see when changes occurred.

Activity panel for Fundraising Dept Open Positions queue

❗️Please Note: Activity tracking launched on July 25, 2017, so you will not see any activity before that date.

Types of actions tracked in the Activity Panel

The Activity Panel will track the following actions:

  • Queue details changed

  • Queue access changed

  • Tasks added

  • Tasks removed

  • Tasks completed

  • Task date info changed

  • Task details changed (This includes changing the task title, notes, tags, attachments, etc.)

  • Assignments

👉 Pro Tip: Tasks, tags and attachments are clickable from the Activity panel for quick and easy access

Tasks, attachments, and tags as clickable links in Activity panel

View relevant activity

If you’re a manager checking in on a project’s progress, viewing an entire queue’s activity all at once is a great way to scan for a quick overview of how your team is working together toward their goal.

But you can also look for specific information in the Activity Panel! Maybe you accidentally deleted the notes for a task, or you need to access a file but you’re not sure what task it’s associated with. You can use the Activity Panel to get the information you need quickly.

Filter activity

If you know the type of activity you’re looking for, you can filter for those specific actions shown in the panel by clicking the arrow in the Activity Panel.

Open activity filter in Activity panel

The filter menu will appear.

Filter activity for Fundraising Dept Open Positions queue

Choose the desired type of activity from the menu.

Available filters for queue activity

Then click Apply Filter to show only those actions for the queue or task.

Apply filter to activity panel in Fundraising Dept Open Positions queue

👉 Pro Tip: The current filter is listed at the end of the history to remind you what activity you’re viewing

Filter applied in Fundraising Dept Open positions queue

You can change the filter at any time, or switch back to show all activity.

The filter only remains active for your current session, and resets to show all activity the next time you open GQueues.

View activity for a specific task

Instead of needing to wade through a queue’s entire history, you can look at one task’s activity at a time.

To view activity for a specific task click on the More menu for the task and choose Activity from the dropdown.

View task activity

The complete history of activity for this task will be shown in the right panel.

Activity panel for Membership Assistant task

👉 Pro Tip: If the task has been around for a while and undergone lots of changes, filter the individual task’s activity to easily scan for the desired information.

If you select a new task, the Activity Panel will update to show the activity for the new current task.

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