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There’s a reason GQueues requires queues to live within categories. This level of organization makes it easy to see at a glance where you need to look for certain tasks. Check out these tips to use categories to help set up GQueues into exactly what you need.

Tips for getting the most out of categories

Keep categories broad

Categories are intended to be the top of your organizational structure, so they shouldn’t get too specific. Remember, categories break down into queues, queues into tasks, and tasks into sub-tasks, so there’s lots more room for specificity.

Categorize by theme

Determining your themes is all up to you. As mentioned in the tip above, they should be fairly broad. The key is to create categories that will help you sort queues together in groups that make sense to you.

Maybe you have one category for chores around the house, another for volunteer work, and one for the properties you manage. Or maybe you have one for your solopreneur business, one for your personal task list, and one for helping keep track of the kids’ appointments. All of these can serve as broad buckets to hold related queues together.

Keep work and personal separate

Teams are ideal for work-related tasks, but if you do want to use some of your My Queues for work, definitely separate them out. They usually involve different types of tasks and are performed during different parts of the day, so it makes sense

Don’t be afraid to change them

The more you use GQueues, you might realize a category doesn’t serve as big a purpose as you initially thought. If that’s the case, change its name and drag it to the bottom of your left-hand side panel, or delete it entirely.

Sometimes the way to get the most out of your categories is to be flexible. Make changes as you gain more information about how you use GQueues.

Delete a category that's no longer in use

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