If you use assignments, teams, or shared queues, then you know it can be a pain in the butt to need to type out email addresses. Wait, is Shannon a Gmail address? Is Ferhod’s email .com or .org? When you connect with Google Contacts, GQueues will automatically suggest emails from your contacts once you start to type, so you know you got it right.

Share your Google Contacts with GQueues

Whenever you need to type in someone’s address to collaborate with them in GQueues, you’ll have the option to connect with Google Contacts. This includes assigning tasks, adding team members, and sharing queues.

From teams

When you add team members from Team Settings, click Connect with Google Contacts and follow the prompts to complete the integration.

Link to connect with Google Contacts from Team Settings

The next time you need to add a team member, you’ll be able to start typing in their email and choose from the matches in the dropdown for the one you want.

From assignments

When you assign a task to someone, select Choose from contacts from the assignment dropdown.

Choose from contacts from Assignment dropdown

This will open a window where you can Connect with Google Contacts.

Choose from Google Contacts window

Once you’ve completed the prompts, the next time you come to this window, you’ll be able to search your contacts instead of needing to remember their email address!

From shared queues

If you’re sharing an individual queue with someone, you can click Connect with Google Contacts from the sharing window.

Link to connect with Google Contacts from queue sharing window

Follow the prompts to complete the integration. Then the next time you go to type in an email, it will automatically show options from your contacts that match.

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