How to clear queue notification settings
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Your notification needs might change over time. If you have edited your notifications for a queue, you don’t have to toggle between your account-wide notifications and your queue’s notifications to compare. Here’s an easy way to reset your queue’s notifications with just the click of a button.

Clear a specific queue’s notifications

  1. Navigate to the queue’s notification settings, either by clicking the queue’s drop-down menu on the left-hand panel or by clicking the More menu for the active queue.

  2. Click the Use account-wide settings button to reset your queue’s notifications to align with the rest of your account.

    Clear a specific queue's notification settings so they align with your account-wide settings

Clear ALL queue-specific notifications

  1. Go to the Notifications tab in Settings

  2. Beneath your account-wide settings, click the Clear all queue-specific notification settings button. This will reset settings for all queues to align with what you have checked here.

Clear all queue-specific notification settings

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