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How to snooze a task
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One of the great things about GQueues is it can be a trusted system to put in anything that pops into your brain. This means sometimes you might have work logged you just aren’t ready to do yet. Maybe it is seasonal, or depends on other tasks being completed first.

If a task will be high-priority when its time comes, but that’s a little ways away, it can be useful to take it off your radar in the meantime so you can focus on what’s coming in the immediate future. You can’t “snooze” a task in GQueues, but if you love the snooze function in Gmail and want to do that with your tasks, here’s another option.

Snooze a task until it’s time to work on it

While you can’t make a task fully disappear until its due date approaches, we recommend moving it to the bottom of the queue and setting a reminder for when it’s time to start working on it.

Snooze a task until it's time to work on it by moving to the bottom of the queue and setting a reminder

When you get the reminder you can move it to the top of the queue and adjust the date as needed. This removes it from the valuable screen real estate at the top of the queue, while making sure you take action when it’s more relevant.

Snooze a task until you complete it

If you have a task you need to get done and want to make sure you get reminded until it’s finished, try setting it up as a recurring task that repeats daily. Then when you get reminded, you can mark that instance complete or delete it and the next occurrence will be generated for the following day and you’ll be reminded again.

Repeat until you are done, at which point you can turn off the recurring pattern and mark complete for good!

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