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Using Teams for shared organization
Team tags
Set tags at the team level so everyone is on the same page
Set tags at the team level so everyone is on the same page

How to create, view, edit, and delete team tags

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When you have lots of different people collaborating on the same project, it’s important to make sure you’re all working with the same organizational framework. By using teams, you can ensure you have one clear set of tags for shared work so you avoid duplicates and keep everyone on the same page.

Create a set of tags for your team

As the team owner, you can add tags for everyone on your team within the Team Settings.

Open team settings from the lefthand panel

In the Tags panel, under the Create Tag section, add any tags that are relevant for your team’s projects.

Create tags for your team in the Tags tab of team settings

All tags displayed here will be shown in the tag dropdown for your teammates. This way you can make sure all tags follow the same format and your teammates don’t need to guess about what tag to use because they already have a list of pre-populated options!

Add tags to tasks in teams

Whenever you add a tag to a task in a team, only the tags for the specific team will show in the tag dropdown.

Tag dropdown for tasks in teams only show the team tags.

Any tags for other teams or for your personal account will not show in that dropdown.

If the tag settings for the team allow, you may also be able create new tags for the team from the tag dropdown.

Create a new tag for a team task

View team tags

See all team tags

Any team member can view all tags for a team in the Tag Block within the left hand panel.

Expand the panel and select the team from the dropdown.

View tags for your teams from the tags block in the lefthand panel

View tagged tasks within a team

To perform a quick search for tasks within a team that have a specific tag, just click on the desired tag from the Tag Block.

View team tasks with a tag by clicking that tag from the lefthand panel

Edit and delete team tags

In Tag Block

Depending on the tag permissions for the team, any team member who is a collaborator or above may edit or delete a tag from the Tag Block in the left hand panel.

This works just as it would for tags in your My Queues.

Open the dropdown menu to edit tags.

In Team Settings

The team owner may also edit and delete tags from within the Tag tab in Team Settings.

To modify or delete tags, open the menu for the tag and choose the desired action.

Edit or delete team tags from the Tags tab of team settings

Manage tag permissions

The team owner can choose to allow team members to create new tags or restrict them to only using the tags the owner defines.

Setting to allow team members to create new tags

If you select Allow team members to create new tags, anyone who is a collaborator or above will be able to edit existing tags through the Tag Block and create new ones from the tag dropdown on a task.

Team tags allow you to collaborate effectively with your coworkers so you can spend less time on the details of how to categorize your tasks, and more time on the stuff that really matters.

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