How to disable Quick Add

How to make GQueues ignore Quick Add syntax when creating tasks with dates, times, etc. in their titles.

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Quick Add is a great tool to help you save time and give you flexibility in terms of how you create your tasks. But it’s not for everyone, or for all situations. Luckily you can disable it temporarily, or turn it off for specific scenarios in your GQueues settings.

Temporarily disable Quick Add

You can temporarily disable Quick Add anywhere you create tasks (via email, in your queues, or in the Quick Add Window) by using the ~

Any text that follows the ~ will disable the Quick Add syntax.

For instance, “~write minutes for Oct 3rd meeting” or “write minutes for ~Oct 3rd meeting” will create a task titled “write minutes for Oct 3rd meeting” with no date.

Task with tilda while being written, and after saved, without tilda

Turn off Quick Add

When adding tasks via email

Using Quick Add with incoming emails can be a great tool to create detailed tasks and is particularly useful if you need to create tasks from someone else’s email.

But if you prefer to have your emailed tasks go right to your inbox and tweak them from there, you can turn it off just for tasks created via email.

Go to the Queues tab of your GQueues Settings. Under the Quick Add Syntax section, uncheck the box Enable Quick Add Syntax when emailing tasks to queues.

When creating tasks in queues

In the Tasks tab in Settings, under the Quick Add Syntax section, uncheck the box enabling Quick Add Syntax when creating new tasks in queues.

Option to enable or disable Quick Add Syntax when creating new tasks in GQueues

With Quick Add disabled, your tasks will appear exactly as typed, with no parsing for keywords.

And of course, you can always turn it back on later 😊

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