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Quick Add Syntax reference

All of GQueues’ Quick Add Syntax compiled in one location for easy reference when creating your tasks

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Quick Add is a great tool to make your work easier and, indeed, quicker. But we know sometimes it can be tricky to keep track of it all. So we made a one-stop-shop for you to find all available Quick Add Syntax 😊

Quick Add Syntax for creating new tasks

These phrases can be used whenever you are creating a new task, whether you’re creating it from within a queue, by sending an email to your GQueues Inbox, or from within the Quick Add Window.

on date @ time

You can type this in just about any format and GQueues will understand what you mean. If you don’t specify the year, GQueues will find the first instance of that date that occurs after today. Here are a few examples:

  • shopping on friday

  • shopping may 28 @ 3pm

  • shopping fri at 3pm

  • shopping 5/28

  • shopping tomorrow

  • shopping today

  • shopping 5/28/20

👉 Pro Tip: To have the Quick Add parser ignore a weekday word, put it in quotes (i.e. prepare “Sunday” dinner)

❗️Please Note: If you use the date format dd/mm/yyyy instead of mm/dd/yyyy you can set this preference in the Calendar tab in Settings.

in X minutes/hours/days/weeks

  • shopping in 20 minutes

  • shopping in 1 hour

  • shopping in 3 days

  • shopping 2 weeks

❗️Please Note: You must write the number as an integer rather than spelling it out (i.e. "2" instead of "two").

for X minutes/hours/days/weeks

This will set the duration of the task - it only works if the task also has a date or time set

  • shopping on Aug 20th for 1 week

  • shopping tomorrow @ 3pm for 2 hours

  • shopping in 1 hour for 30 minutes

  • shopping today for 4 days


  • shopping #bestBuy

  • shopping #Lowes #errands

NOTE: Only single word tags can be used (tags with spaces are not recognized)

^reminderMinutes reminderType

  • shopping friday ^15 email

  • shopping @ 3pm ^30 email

  • shopping sunday ^5 popup

❗️Please Note: A task must have a date or time, and calendar syncing must be activated in order to set a reminder.

👉 Pro Tip: The Android app also supports these formats to simplify voice input:

  • shopping friday email reminder 15 minutes

  • shopping at 3pm email reminder 30 minutes

  • shopping sunday popup reminder 5 minutes


This will assign the task to the email specified

:: some notes

Everything after the two colons will be placed in the task notes

  • shopping :: Macy's is having a 20% off sale all week

~ description

This will disable Quick Add Syntax for any text after the tilde

  • ~ write minutes for Aug 3rd meeting

  • make dinner reservation #dateNight ~ for 8pm at Billy Sunday restaurant

[queue name]

Use this syntax to specify the queue a task should live in when creating tasks via email or within the Quick Add Window.

  • shopping [to do]

  • shopping on fri [To Do]

👉 Pro Tip: Queue names are not case-sensitive, but all queues in your account should have unique names to guarantee tasks created with this syntax go to the correct queue.

GQueues will first search the list of queues you have already created, then will look for a match among queues shared with you. If a queue with the name specified cannot be found, GQueues will create a new queue and place it in your first category. If GQueues is currently open you will need to refresh the page to see the new queue.

- subtask

  • - dvd player

  • -bills

  • --rent

  • --credit card

❗️Please Note: This can only be used in the Quick Add Window. Each dash indicates an additional subtask level.

Mobile caveats

The following Quick Add keywords are not yet available in the GQueues mobile apps. They will be added in future updates!

  • [queue name] does NOT search shared queues on mobile yet

  • tilde (~) does NOT disable Quick Add on mobile yet

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