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Track information with the Queue Info Panel
Track information with the Queue Info Panel

See who your fellow collaborators are, add notes to the queue, and find the queue’s creation date

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Learn more about how to use the Queue Info Panel to stay organized and get the background information you need to successfully tackle your tasks.

The Queue Info Panel

Access the Queue Info Panel

The Queue Info Panel stores information about the entire queue, such as when it was created, who it’s shared with, and notes collaborators have added.

Click the Queue Info button to toggle the panel open.

Open the Queue Info Panel by clicking the i button

View queue details

The Details tab shows when the queue was created, the list of collaborators (if it's shared), and whether the queue has been published.

This is also where you go to see the queue’s email address so you can email tasks into the queue no matter what email account you’re logged into.

See queue details from the Queue Info Panel

Give your tasks context

You can add notes for the entire queue by clicking the edit button.

Edit queue notes from the Queue Info Panel

If you’re collaborating with others, this is a great opportunity to make sure everyone is on the same page. It’s particularly useful for when new people join the team - it’s a quick way to make sure they can get some background and reference the queue’s overall goal.

Connect with your teammates

You can hover your mouse over a collaborator's picture to see their name, email, and member status.

See teammate information from the Queue Info Panel

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