View tags

To view tasks for a tag tap the sidebar button and choose Tags from the menu.

Open the sidebar to view your tags
Select Tags from the side panel to see all tags for your account

Tap a tag name to see the tasks with that tag.

Click on a tag to view all tasks with that tag
All tasks with the tag Today

You can also choose how the tasks are grouped and sorted in this view.

Edit tags

To edit a Tag swipe right and tap the Edit button.

👉 Pro Tip: Swipe hard to the right to automatically go to edit mode.

Swipe right on a tag to reveal the edit button

Make the desired changes and tap Save button.

Edit the tag and click Save

Add new tag

To add a new tag choose Add Tag from the menu.

Add a new tag from the menu in the upper right corner while viewing your tags

Delete a tag

To delete a tag swipe left and tap the Trash button.

Delete a tag by swiping left to reveal the trash icon

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