Smart Queues and Search in the iOS app

How to view Smart Queues and search tasks on the GQueues mobile app

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You can search your tasks and view any previously created Saved Searches or Smart Queues from your mobile app. Here's how view those results.

❗️Please Note: It isn't currently possible to create or edit a Smart Queues or Saved Search from the mobile app. But once created on the web, they can be viewed on mobile.

View Smart Queues

Choose Smart Queues from the sidebar menu to view your smart queues.

Select Smart Queues from the side panel to view

Tap the smart queue you wish to view.

Choose the Smart Queue you'd like to view
Smart Queue results in the GQueues mobile app

❗️Please Note: A network connection is required to view a Saved Search Smart Queue.

Search tasks

Choose Search from the sidebar menu to search the tasks in your account.

Choose Search from the side panel to search your tasks

Enter a search term and tap the Search button.

Enter a term in the search bar to find matching tasks in your account

❗️Please Note: Only task descriptions and notes are searched when you type a search term. Comments and other fields won't be searched for matches.

Search results for the term "report" on the GQueues iOS app

The following search is supported:

  • iOS search will only search the task title and notes fields

  • Use an asterisk * for partial word search.

Group and sort

When viewing tags, Smart Queues, or searches, you can change how the information is grouped and sorted. These settings will be remembered the next time you open that particular smart queue or tag.

Group tasks

Choose Grouping from the top menu to set how tasks are grouped.

Select Grouping from the menu to select or edit the grouping
Grouping options for Smart Queues, searches, and tags

Sort tasks

Choose Sorting from the top menu to set how tasks are sorted.

Select Sorting from the menu to change the order in which tasks are displayed
Sorting options for Smart Queues, searches, and tags

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