Attach files in the Android app

How to add, view, and remove files from your GQueues tasks on the Android app

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Attach files

To attach a file to a task tap the paperclip button from the edit screen.

Tap the paperclip to attach a file.

You can choose to attach from Google Drive, photos on your device, take a new pic or record new audio.

Choose what you would like to attach.

Select a file or folder from Google Drive.

❗️Please Note: To attach an entire folder, tap the folder name. To view files inside of a folder tap the arrow on the right.

Remove attached files

On the edit screen you can remove an attachment by tapping the X on the right.

Remove an attachment by tapping the X.

When viewing the task, tap the attachment name to view it.

Tap the file name to view the attachment.

If the file is an image or audio you can preview it directly inside the GQueues app.

Other types of files will open in Google Drive, if you have the Drive app installed, or in a web browser.

Preview an attachment from your task.

Long-tapping while in the Preview Screen will open the attachment in Drive.

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