Work with tags in the Android app

View, edit, add and delete tags from tasks

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View tags

To view tasks for a specific tag choose Tags from the left side menu.

Choose tags from the left-hand panel.

Tap the tag you'd like to view.

Choose which tag you want to view tasks for.

View tasks with the selected tag.

You can also choose how the tasks are grouped and sorted in this view.

Edit tags

To edit a tag long-tap the tag and choose Edit from the popup menu.

Edit a tag by long tapping the tag and selecting Edit.

Make the desired changes and tap Save save the changes.

Make and save any edits.

Add new tag

To add a new tag choose Add Tag from the menu.

Add a new tag from the top right drop down menu.

Delete a tag

To delete a tag long-tap the tag and choose Delete from the popup menu.

Long press and choose Delete to remove a tag.

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