Create, edit and delete queues in the iOS app

Organize your queues and set a default queue for the iOS app

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Add a queue

To add a new queue choose Add Queue from the menu.

Click the menu in the upper right corner to add a queue from the iOS app

Edit a queue

To edit a Queue swipe right and tap the Edit button.

πŸ‘‰ Pro Tip: Swipe hard to the right to automatically go to edit mode.

Swipe left to reveal the edit button

Make the desired changes and tap the Save button.

Edit the queue and click save

Delete a queue

To delete a queue swipe left and tap the Trash button.

Swipe right to reveal the trash icon

Set default queue

You can set a default queue for each account so GQueues will automatically display it when you first open the app or switch to that account.

To set a default queue choose Set as default from the top menu.

You can choose to make any regular queue, Smart Queue or Shared Queue the default queue for the account.

Choose Set as default from the menu when viewing a queue

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