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Edit multiple tasks at once with bulk actions
Edit multiple tasks at once with bulk actions

Select several tasks at a time to change dates, add tags, assign, move to new queues, mark complete, or delete all at once

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If you manage lots of tasks, editing each one individually can get a little tedious. If you're going to make the same change to each of your tasks, you can edit all of them in one go. Ideal for when you need to reschedule all your overdue tasks, or complete a bunch of tasks that you forgot to check off.

How to select multiple tasks at a time

Bulk actions are available when you're in the Active section of a queue, search results, or Smart Queue. There are three ways you can select multiple tasks at once:

1) Hold the Command key on a Mac or Ctrl on a PC and click on the task numbers to select tasks that aren't next to each other.

Press the Command key on a Mac or Ctrl on a PC while clicking task numbers to select those tasks for bulk editing.

2) Hold the Shift key while clicking on task numbers to select several tasks in a row.

Hold the Shift key while clicking on a task number to select that task, and any tasks in between it and the current task.

πŸ‘‰ Pro Tip: When using Shift, the current task will be the first task in the block you want to select. You only need to hold Shift down to select the other end of the range.

3) Use keyboard shortcuts to select your tasks. Use b to select the current task. Or hold down b and use the arrow keys to select several tasks in a row.

Use b keyboard shortcut to select tasks for bulk actions

❗️Please Note: You can only select up to 25 tasks at a time. If you need to make the same change to more than 25 tasks, you'll need to do it in several batches.

Edit several tasks at once

Once you've selected your tasks, the bulk actions menu will appear at the top of your queue. Use this menu to mark tasks complete; open tasks that are already crossed off; edit dates, times, reminders, and repeating patterns; edit tags; assign the tasks; move or copy them to a new queue; or delete them.

To make edits to your selected tasks, you must use the bulk actions menu at the top of the queue

In addition to the actions available in the bulk actions menu, you can drag and drop your tasks to move them to a new position within the queue or move them to a new queue.

Drag and drop multiple tasks at once to move them around within a queue, move them to a new queue, or make them subtasks or supertasks.

❗️Please Note: You can only drag and drop tasks that are at the same level in the task hierarchy (they must be standalone tasks or have the same parent task).

After you've done one action, your tasks will remain selected so you can perform another. When you complete, delete, or move a task with subtasks, all of its subtasks will be included in the bulk action as well, even if they weren't selected. When you're finished, click Done, press the Esc key, or click on another part of the page.

πŸ‘‰ Pro Tip: When you edit the date in bulk, the existing date, time, and repeating pattern for the first task selected is used to populate the date popup window. If you want to make other tasks in a queue match the date of another, select the task with the desired date first, then select the others. Then all you need to do is open the date dropdown and select Done!

Tasks stay selected so you can perform multiple actions on the same set of tasks.

❗️Please Note: There isn't an undo option when bulk deleting. If you accidentally delete tasks you didn't mean to, you can still go to the trash to restore them, but you won't see the Undo button show up in the bottom left corner.

Use keyboard shortcuts to edit several tasks at once

Keyboard shortcuts work with bulk actions too! Any action you see in the edit menu at the top of the queue can be performed with keyboard shortcuts as well. Type ? to open the keyboard shortcut menu and see available shortcuts in the Bulk Actions section.

Use ? To open the keyboard shortcut menu and see which shortcuts are available with bulk actions.

Edit tags with bulk actions

Add tags to tasks

When you open the tag menu, click the checkboxes of all the tags you'd like to add to the selected tasks. When you're done, select Apply. If you only need to add one tag, you can click any other part of the tag name, and it will be added to your tasks with a single click.

Some tasks might already have tags associated with them. Tags that are already applied to tasks will be shown at the top of the tag dropdown.

The checkboxes in the tag dropdown will indicate if a tag is on some all, or none of your selected tasks.

If some but not all of your selected tasks have a tag, the checkbox will have a horizontal line through it. An empty checkbox means none of your selected tasks have that tag. When you click a checkbox, whether it's empty or has the horizontal line, it will change to a checkmark, meaning all of your selected tasks will have that tag once you select Apply.

Remove tags from tasks

You can also remove tags from tasks. Just click the checkmark next to the tag name and select Apply to remove the tag from your tasks. If the tag you want to remove is on some, but not all of your tasks, click it twice, so it goes from a line, to a checkmark, to empty.

Click the checkboxes next to tag names to add and remove tags from tasks

Edit tasks from Smart Queues or search results

Bulk actions also work from the Active section of Smart Queues and search results. Because tasks from several different queues are often pulled together in these views, you might encounter situations where you have permission to make edits to some of the tasks you see here, but not all.

Any tasks from queues you're not able to edit will have a lock next to them, and you won't be allowed to select them.

You can't use bulk actions on tasks you don't have edit access to.

Even for tasks with edit access, you might not be able to perform the same actions on all the tasks. For example, if a team doesn't have calendar syncing activated, you won't be able to set a reminder on tasks from that team. Or if you have tags locked for a team, you won't be able to add tags to those tasks that aren't a part of that team's approved tags.

If you do run into a situation where you've selected a combination of tasks where you don't have permission to perform your desired action on all of them, you'll get a message letting you know 😊

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