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Transfer your license to a new email
Transfer your license to a new email

What is included in a transfer and how to move your paid subscription to a different email address

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Whether you’re switching accounts, changing the email address used for your subscription, or giving your license to someone else, here’s how to make it all happen.

Please Note: After an account transfer is complete, if you’re using GQueues for YOU or BUSINESS, the original account will be reverted to GQueues LITE. You’ll retain your data, but you’ll no longer have access to premium features for that account.

Transfer your subscription license

❗️ Please Note: Transferring your license is separate from transferring account data. If you want to move your data to a new account, follow these steps.

GQueues for BUSINESS

If you want to transfer your BUSINESS license, it will require the help of your license admin.

As the license admin, you can revoke a license from a user and then issue that license to a different user. From GQueues Settings, navigate to the Account tab and click manage to view the BUSINESS Subscription Page.

License Admin view of Account tab in GQueues Settings with link to manage licenses

Here, you can follow the steps to revoke and issue licenses so you can easily transfer a license from one user to another.

❗️Please Note: If you're the license admin and you'll no longer be using your subscription, you'll also need to update the license admin email address so someone else can take over issuing and revoking licenses for the subscription.

GQueues for YOU

From GQueues Settings, navigate to the Account tab to see your current subscriptions.

There will be a text field under Transfer Subscription where you can enter the email address you’d like to transfer your license to.

Transfer subscription box for GQueues for YOU

❗️Please Note: You can only transfer your license to an existing GQueues account. If you want to transfer to a new account, first log in with the new email address to create the account, and then initiate the transfer from your original account.

Transfer your data

The process above does not transfer your data, it only transfers the license. However, you won’t lose any of your data in the transfer process.

To transfer your My Queues data, follow the process for exporting your queues, and then import that data into your new account.

❗️Please Note: If you were a member of any Teams, you’ll need to be re-added to those teams under your new email address. The same goes for any queues shared with you. Make sure to ask the owner to re-share them with your new account.

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