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How assignments show up in your Calendar
How assignments show up in your Calendar

How assignments are displayed in Google Calendar

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When assigned tasks show up in Google Calendar

When a task is assigned to you, a calendar event for the assignment will be created in Google Calendar (assuming you've already activated calendar syncing for your account). This is true for:

  • Tasks in Team Queues

  • Tasks in queues shared with you by someone else

  • Tasks assigned to you from queues you don't have access to

A calendar event will not be created for the assigned task if the task is in any of your My Queues. The original event will still get its calendar event. There just won't be a duplicate event for the assignment copy.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Pro Tip: If you have lots of Team calendars and don't want to get confused by seeing tasks in Calendar that have been assigned to others, try unchecking those calendars. Then only tasks you're personally responsible for (in your My Queues or assigned to you from elsewhere) will show up in Google Calendar.

How assignments show up in Google Calendar

Any Calendar events for tasks assigned to you will show up on your calendar with an arrow ( โž” ) prefix.

View your Assignments from Google Calendar.

This makes it easy to scan your calendar for assignments.

Work with assignments in Google Calendar

Edit assignments from Calendar

If you make any changes to assignments directly in Google Calendar, they will NOT sync back to the assignment.

Only the person who assigned the task can change its properties. Any changes you make to assignments in the calendar will be reverted to their original values the next time you view your Assignments queue.

Complete assignments from Calendar

When you mark an assignment complete from Google Calendar, it will act just as if you've completed the task from your Assignments queue: a checkmark and the date completed will appear next to your name on the original task to show you completed the work.

Assigned task marked complete by the assignee

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