Assignments in your Calendar

View assignments in Calendar

If you’re collaborating with your team and receiving assignments, it’s helpful to see how those assignments look in your Calendar compared to normal tasks.

When Calendar integration is activated, tasks assigned to you with dates will show up on your calendar with an arrow ( ➔ ) prefix.

View your Assignments from Google Calendar.

Edit assignments from Calendar

If you make any changes to assignments directly in Google Calendar, they will NOT sync back to the assignment.

Only the person who assigned the task can change its properties. Any changes you make to assignments in the calendar will be reverted to their original values the next time you view your Assignments queue.

Complete assignments from Calendar

When you mark an assignment complete it will show up as completed on your Calendar with a checkmark.

View completed Assignments from Google Calendar.

Completed assignments remain displayed on your Calendar until you either delete the event from Calendar or the task is marked complete by whoever created and assigned the task to you.

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