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Use comments to get input from teammates and keep track of updates
Use comments to get input from teammates and keep track of updates

How to add, edit, and delete comments on a task

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If you have a complicated task that requires help from others or will take a while to complete, comments are a great tool to make sure you can keep track of everything over time.

Comments allow you to have a focused conversation with others around a particular task, all within GQueues. You never have to leave the app, and all the relevant information is attached to the task to review later. Collaboration is easier when you can discuss the work at hand and have it automatically tracked and organized on your tasks.

Add a comment

To add a comment, click the comment icon on the desired task.

Add comment to a task by clicking the comment icon

The comments panel will open. Type in the box at the bottom of the panel and click the Comment button.

Type your comment in the comments panel

👉 Pro Tip: If you receive an email notification about a task, you can add a comment by replying to that email too!

View comments

If a task already has comments, it will display the comment icon with the total number of comments. This means you can quickly glance at your tasks to see which ones have extra information waiting in the comments panel.

Number of comments on a task

To open the comments panel and view comments for the task, click the comment icon. Comments are shown with the most recent comment at the bottom. Each comment is time- and date-stamped and includes the photo of the person who made it so it’s easy to keep track of the conversation flow.

View time- and date-stamped comments for a task in its comments panel

You can also hover your mouse over the person’s image to see commenters’ names and email addresses.

See full commenter information by hovering over their image

👉 Pro Tip: You can resize the comment panel by clicking and dragging the separator bar.

Resize the comments panel

Make changes to your comments

❗️Please Note: You can only make changes to your own comments.

Edit a comment

You can edit comments you write by clicking the menu to the right of the comment and selecting Edit comment.

Edit your own comments

After you’ve made your edits, you can save your changes by:

  • Typing Shift + Enter

  • Clicking outside the comment

Comments currently being edited will have blue text.

Delete a comment

To delete one of your comments, click the menu to the right of the comment and choose Delete comment.

Delete a comment you've made

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