Troubleshooting for Google Calendar syncing

How to resolve syncing problems with Google Calendar syncing for GQueues

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Learn how to resolve the most common Calendar syncing issues. If Google Calendar doesn’t seem to be syncing with GQueues, there are a few ways this can be taken care of.

Resolve common syncing issues

Wait a few minutes to allow syncing to take effect

The first time you activate Calendar syncing, a process is started in the background that adds all your tasks to the calendar.

For new accounts, this happens instantly because there are just a couple of tasks.

For existing accounts with lots of tasks, the process can take a little while to finish.

If you refresh Google Calendar right away and don't see your tasks, it's because the background process is still running and your tasks are still loading.

Look for confirmation that Calendar syncing is complete from the Calendar tab in your GQueues settings.

GQueues will let you know when Calendar syncing is complete.

After processing, it will say that Syncing is active, which lets you know calendar activation is complete.

Confirm that Calendar syncing is active.

Triple check your timezones

Sometimes syncing errors happen when the timezones are not set correctly across platforms.

Your timezone must be set in 3 different locations in order for GQueues to sync properly with your Calendar.

  1. In GQueues, go to Settings, and from the Calendar tab, choose the correct timezone.

    Change your time zone from GQueues settings.

  2. Go to Google Calendar and click the dropdown menu next to the GQueues calendar and choose Settings and sharing.

    Change the time zone by opening settings and sharing in Google Calendar.

    In the Calendar Details panel make sure you set the exact same timezone here as you set in GQueues.

    Confirm the correct time zone in the Calendar Details panel.

  3. In Google Calendar choose Settings from the gear menu.

    Confirm the correct time zone from settings by clicking the gear menu in Google Calendar.

    You should set the exact same timezone for your primary timezone as in the other two places.

    Set the correct primary time zone.

👉 Pro tip: Team Queues have separate calendar syncing. Check out this doc to find out how to adjust Team Calendar Settings.

Reactivate Calendar syncing

If you ever have problems with tasks not properly syncing, or somehow things have just become a mess, you can always reset Calendar syncing.

In GQueues Settings, go to the Calendar tab. Look for Google Calendar syncing and select Deactivate

Deactivate Calendar syncing from GQueues Settings.

You’ll need to confirm deactivation on the next pop-up window

Confirm Calendar syncing is deactivated.

Wait about one minute, reload the Google Calendar web page and confirm the GQueues calendar has been removed. In most cases, deactivating Calendar syncing will also remove the GQueues calendar. But if it’s still showing, click the x to remove GQueues from Your Calendars.

Remove your GQueues calendar from Google Calendar.

Once this is complete, wait 5-10 minutes before going back to GQueues Settings, and under the Calendar tab, click Activate to reactivate your Calendar syncing.

Reactivate Google Calendar syncing to resolve syncing issues.

Wait a few minutes to allow the syncing process to complete.

This should resolve many common syncing issues, but if the problem persists, send us a chat so we can help you out! 😊

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