With the Chrome Extension, you can create new tasks, save your ideas, and link web pages quickly and easily without ever having to leave the page you’re on. When creativity hits, GQueues is right there with you.

Video Overview

Here’s a quick video going over exactly what you need to know about getting your GQueues Chrome Extension set up:

Set up your Chrome Extension

Install GQueues Chrome Extension

The GQueues Chrome Extension is a great feature that’s exclusive to your paid subscription or free trial account.

Get started by clicking the button below to install the extension from the Chrome Web Store:

You can also add the extension from the Tools tab in Settings. Under Chrome Extension click Get the Chrome Extension.

Install the Chrome Extension from settings in GQueues.

From the Web Store, click Add to Chrome and when prompted, click Add Extension.

Add the Chrome Extension to your browser.

You’ll see a pop-up letting you know where you can find the extension once it’s installed.

Confirm that the Chrome Extension has been added to your browser.

👉 Pro Tip: Once the extension is installed, pin it to your address bar for easy access by clicking the puzzle piece and selecting the pin icon.

The first time you open your GQueues extension you’ll be prompted to connect your account before you can start putting it to use.

Connect the Extension to your account.

Once you see the confirmation window, you’re ready to start creating tasks!

Confirm your account is linked to the Chrome Extension.

Start using the Chrome Extension

Create your tasks

Creating tasks with the GQueues Chrome Extension is fast, simple, and totally convenient for recording those spontaneous thoughts or last-minute ideas while they’re fresh in your mind! You can even link web pages right to the task to easily share with your team or save for later.

Start by clicking the blue Q icon on the top right corner of Chrome. Here’s where the fun begins.

Create a task from the Chrome Extension.

Now you can add tasks to GQueues without having to leave the page you’re on. Fill out your task details, tags, notes, due dates, reminders, and assign to team members right from the extension.

Create tasks from a web page

Want to save a website for later or share with someone on your team?

Create a task from any webpage with the Chrome Extension.

Checking the From web page box will let you create a task directly from the page you’re on, including auto-filling the title and adding the link to the website, saving you precious time and clicks so you can get right back to aimlessly browsing...Ahem, I mean working. 😉

Create tasks with keyboard shortcuts

When the Chrome Extension is open, you can create your task entirely from your keyboard, saving you time and clicks.

tab - move to the next field

space - select highlighted option

arrow keys- navigate through list options

enter- submit task

i- create new task from confirmation window

When in the date field, you can use relative dates like "tomorrow" or "Friday" and it will automatically select the corresponding date from the calendar dropdown.

Go ahead and give these shortcuts a try!

👉Pro tip: For a click-free way to create your tasks even faster, you can even set up a keyboard shortcut to open your Chrome Extension.

What’s Next?

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