Create tasks quicker using custom keyboard shortcuts and modify your options to make the GQueues Chrome Extension work for you.

Personalize your Chrome Extension

To begin personalizing your GQueues extension, right-click the extension icon and select Options. (If you haven’t already, you may be prompted to connect your account.)

Customize the Chrome Extension by selecting Options.

👉Pro Tip: Chrome Extensions are hidden by default. By clicking the puzzle icon you can see a list of your extensions. Click the pin icon next to your GQueues Extension to make it visible.

Pin the Chrome Extension to the address bar for easy access.

Set default queue

After selecting Options you’ll be brought to a new page where you can change your default queue for incoming tasks. When you get started, this is set to your Inbox by default, but you can choose exactly where you’d like your new tasks to go by choosing a different default queue from the dropdown menu here.

Change the default queue for tasks created from the Chrome Extension.

You’ll still be able to change the queue when creating tasks with the Extension, but this way you can make sure the default is the one you use most often.

Link to web pages automatically

When you check the box to Use web page title and URL by default, the Chrome Extension will auto-fill the task title and add the link to the website you’re saving in the task notes automatically when you open the extension.

Toggle the setting to use web page title and URL by default.

That way you don’t have to check the box yourself when saving noteworthy webpages.

This is a great choice if you use the Extension most often when you create tasks based on information you read online and want to reference later.

Update linked GQueues account

You can also update the GQueues account linked to your Chrome Extension. This is especially useful if you transfer your license to a new email address.

Disconnect your GQueues account from the Chrome Extension.

👉Pro Tip: Want to switch between more than one account? Learn how to use the Chrome Extension with multiple accounts using Chrome profiles.

Try Keyboard shortcuts

Take customization one step further by setting up a keyboard shortcut that’s intuitive to you, so you can open the extension quickly with a few keystrokes.

To set your personal keyboard shortcut:

1) Copy and paste this link into your address bar: chrome://extensions/shortcuts

2) Scroll to the GQueues extension and create your unique keyboard shortcut

Set a keyboard shortcut for the Chrome Extension so you can easily access it.

3) Put your shortcut to use!

Now that you’re all set up, you can open the extension by typing your shortcut and create a task right from Chrome!

👉Pro tip: Use the extension keyboard shortcuts for a totally click-free way to create a task. This makes saving your ideas with the GQueues Chrome Extension quicker and easier than ever!

By adjusting these features to fit your needs, you can make the GQueues Chrome Extension work for you, which means less time clicking around, and more time spent on what really matters to you. 👍🏽😁

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