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Use the Chrome extension with multiple GQueues accounts
Use the Chrome extension with multiple GQueues accounts

How to maximize your productivity by using the GQueues Chrome extension with multiple accounts

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The Chrome extension can only be paired with one GQueues account at a time. If you need to use it for multiple accounts, you can easily accomplish this by creating profiles in Chrome.

Create Chrome Unique Profiles

Who needs multiple profiles?

If you have more than one paid GQueues account, you definitely want multiple profiles. Profiles give you completely separate browsing experiences, with unique browsing history, extensions, etc. connected to each profile. When you make a separate profile for each of your Google accounts, it means you can install our extensions and Add-ons for each profile and connect them to the corresponding GQueues account. Profiles let you actually take advantage of all of GQueues' paid features for each of your Google accounts!

Profiles are a great way to compartmentalize your life, even if you don't need GQueues for both accounts. If you want to keep your event planning business separate from your home tasks, profiles are a great way to keep those areas distinct, upping for your organization.

Switch between Google Chrome profiles to separate your work.

Set up your profiles in Google Chrome

Chrome profiles let you sync information across multiple devices and easily access your extensions, bookmarks, settings, accounts, and more, just by signing in to your browser.

See Google's help article on how to set up your Chrome profiles so you can start maximizing your productivity with the Chrome extension for GQueues.

Install the extension for each profile

After you set up your Chrome profiles you can install the Chrome extension and connect it to each with these steps:

  1. Sign in to your first Chrome profile.

  2. Connect the extension with the GQueues account for that profile.

  3. Repeat 1 - 3 for each profile you want to connect to the Chrome extension.

❗️Please Note: The Google Chrome extension is only available on paid plans. If you want to be able to create tasks from multiple Google accounts via the extension, each account will need a paid license to GQueues.

Once you’re connected, you’re ready to get back to work with even more productivity and ease than before. Nice! 😊

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