The Chrome Extension can only be used with one account at a time, but if you need to use it for multiple accounts, you can easily accomplish this goal by creating profiles in Chrome.

Create Unique Profiles

Who needs multiple profiles?

The GQueues Chrome Extension only connects to one account at a time, but some of us wear a lot of hats and may need multiple accounts.

If you’re an event planning superstar by day and a home-owning mother by night, you have your hands full, and you want to avoid things like accidentally adding your home bathroom retile project to your team’s meeting queue. 😅

Since Chrome profiles allow you to create completely unique browsing experiences for each individual account, they’re a great way to have your cake and eat it, too.

Switch between Chrome profiles to separate your work.

Set up your profiles in Chrome

Chrome profiles let you sync information across multiple devices and easily access your extensions, bookmarks, settings, accounts, and more, just by signing in to your browser. Let Google show you how!

Find out how to set up your Chrome profiles so you can start maximizing your productivity with the Chrome Extension for GQueues.

Connect to your GQueues extension

After you set up your profile you can install and connect to your Chrome Extension with these steps:

  1. Sign in to your first Chrome profile.

  2. Install the extension following these steps.

  3. Log in to the extension with the GQueues account you want associated with that profile.

  4. Repeat 1 - 3 for each profile you want to create.

Once you’re connected, you’re ready to get back to work with even more productivity and ease than before. Nice! 😊

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