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Customize the Chrome Extension for your workflow
Customize the Chrome Extension for your workflow

Change your GQueues Chrome Extension settings to meet your needs

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Open the extension settings

When the extension is open, click the gear icon to open the settings.

This will bring you to a settings page where you can customize your Chrome extension experience.

Set default queue

By default, tasks created in the Chrome extension will be sent to your Inbox in GQueues. You always have the option to change that on a task-by-task basis, but if you have a different queue you'd like to set as the default, you can do that from the extension's settings.

Change the default queue for tasks added with the Chrome extension

Link to web pages automatically

If your main use for the Chrome extension is for saving web pages, you can change it so the From web page box is checked by default. So any time you open the extension using the button, the page name will already be filled in as the task title, and the page URL will already be in the task notes.

To set this up, just check the box Use "From web page" by default for new tasks.

Update linked GQueues account

If you change email addresses and need to adjust which GQueues account is linked to your Chrome extension, you can do that by disconnecting your GQueues account. Then you'll be able to connect it to your new email and make sure tasks created with the extension are going to the right place.

Disconnect your account from the Chrome extension

👉Pro Tip: Have multiple accounts you want to use the Chrome extension with? Learn how to use the Chrome Extension with multiple accounts using Chrome profiles.

Set keyboard shortcut to open extension

Take customization one step further by setting up a keyboard shortcut that’s intuitive to you, so you can open the extension quickly with a few keystrokes.

To set your personal keyboard shortcut:

1) Copy and paste this link into your address bar: chrome://extensions/shortcuts

2) Scroll to the GQueues extension and create your unique keyboard shortcut

Set a keyboard shortcut for the Chrome Extension so you can easily access it.

Now that you’re all set up, you can open the extension by typing your shortcut and create a task right from Chrome!

👉Pro tip: Use the extension keyboard shortcuts for a totally click-free way to create a task. This makes saving your ideas with the GQueues Chrome Extension quicker and easier than ever!

By adjusting these features to fit your needs, you can make the GQueues Chrome Extension work for you, which means less time clicking around, and more time spent on what really matters to you. 👍🏽😁

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