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Funnel incoming tasks through the Inbox so nothing falls through the cracks
Funnel incoming tasks through the Inbox so nothing falls through the cracks

Everything you need to know about where your tasks land when you’re creating on-the-go

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When you create tasks directly from the Chrome Extension or Google Calendar, your tasks go right to your Inbox, so you can get your ideas down as quickly as possible and leave the sorting for later.

A perfect landing every time

What is the GQueues Inbox?

GQueues is designed to work with your lifestyle, so we’ve built multiple ways for you to create and manage all your tasks.

Having a singular landing spot for these newly created tasks can help you manage incoming information with ease. That’s where the Inbox comes in.

Funnel tasks through the Inbox

When you create a task from the Chrome Extension while searching the web or from within your Google Calendar, you know right where they'll land - the Inbox. You can even take this a step further by sending emails to the Inbox with the Google Workspace Add-on or with the Inbox's email address. When you have time later, you can take stock and move your tasks to other queues.

Drag and drop tasks from your Inbox to other queues to easily organize your work.

Click and drag tasks from the Inbox to the desired queues.

The Inbox is your landing zone for tasks coming from multiple locations, making it simple to collect your ideas and organize your to-do lists from one source of information.

When you use the Inbox to create and funnel tasks on the fly, you’ll always know where they’ll end up, for a perfect landing every time. 🛩

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