Immediate, two-way syncing means you can work with your tasks directly from your Calendar and see any changes appear in real time. Set a due date for your task and an event will be created in Google Calendar so you know exactly what to do and when to do it. Add reminders so that you never miss a beat.

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Activate Calendar syncing

Activate Google Calendar syncing so your tasks appear alongside your other calendar events and to enable you to set task reminders and never miss a due date. Calendar syncing makes it possible to view and edit tasks, and when you use the GQueues for Google Workspace Add-on, even complete them directly from Google Calendar.

First, go to GQueues Settings and look for Sync with Google Calendar from the Calendar tab.

Click Sync with Google Calendar to turn on Calendar syncing.

Activate Google Calendar syncing from Settings.

You should see a confirmation page once syncing is complete

A confirmation window will let you know Google Calendar syncing is complete.

Install the Google Workspace Add-on

To take advantage of GQueues with Google Calendar, we recommend installing the Google Workspace Add-on.

The Workspace Add-on allows you to quickly and easily create tasks, choose which queue newly created tasks are added to, and even complete tasks right from Google Calendar.

Create new tasks by making a Calendar event

Adding a new task from Google Calendar is easier than ever. You can create a new task just like you would create a new Calendar event.

Simply add a new event, enter the task details, and add that event to your GQueues calendar.

Create a task from Google Calendar by adding it to your GQueues calendar.

These newly created tasks will go straight to your Inbox queue for you to organize later.

👉 Pro Tip: You can click and drag an event to another day or time and the task details will update automatically in GQueues.

Update task date & time from the Calendar and it will sync with GQueues.

Set a duration and due date to see your tasks work in real time

Calendar syncing makes creating, editing, and viewing tasks a breeze. All tasks with dates will display in Google Calendar. They’ll behave a lot like an event, which can be used to your advantage.

Get an idea of how long a task will take you to complete and then set that duration for the task in GQueues by clicking the calendar icon.

By default, task durations are set to 1 hour. Click the dropdown menu and choose the duration you will need to complete the task.

Set the duration for a task so it works like a Google Calendar event.

Choose the date you’ll be working on the task, ideally before it’s due so that you can be ready to complete it on time. 😊

When you click Done, an event will automatically be created in Google calendar.

Syncing GQueues with Google Calendar makes it quick and easy to view and edit tasks without ever leaving your Calendar. You can spend less time switching back and forth between windows and work with all your tasks from one place. 👍🏽

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