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Access deleted tasks for your team by viewing team trash
Access deleted tasks for your team by viewing team trash
View team trash and restore or permanently delete team tasks
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If you’ve deleted a task in a team but you want to restore it or review it, you can easily do so by viewing the team trash. As long as you have Owner, Manager, or Collaborator permissions, you can access the team trash to view, restore, and permanently delete tasks just like you would for your personal trash queue.

View team trash

In GQueues, when you delete a task in a team queue, it goes straight to the trash for that team. Your personal trash queue won’t show team tasks that have been trashed because each team has a specific area for its trashed tasks. If you or your team members accidentally delete a task, need to restore it to continue to work on it, or if you need to review previously deleted items, they’re stored in one convenient place.

❗️Please Note: The trash for teams can only be viewed by Owners, Managers, and Collaborators.

To view deleted tasks for a specific team, click the menu arrow beside the team name, and choose View trash from the dropdown.

View team trash from the team dropdown menu.

From here, you can review previously trashed items, grouped by date, just like in your personal Trash.

You can also restore or permanently delete tasks from your team trash. Open the task menu to view available actions for each task.

Open the task menu to see available actions.

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