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Restore deleted tasks from the trash queue
Restore deleted tasks from the trash queue

How to recover previously trashed tasks and where to look for deleted tasks

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If you’ve accidentally deleted a task, and you missed the Undo button, you can still return it to its original queue from the trash with these simple steps.

Locate deleted tasks

Deleted tasks will remain in the trash for 30 days before they’re permanently deleted. During that time, you can restore any task in the Trash to its original queue.

Restore from your account trash

The Trash is located in the left hand panel in the same block as Inbox and Assignments.

The Trash queue is located in the lefthand panel.

Any time you delete a task from your personal queues, the task is stored in the general trash queue. This is where you can find all trashed tasks and restore them to their original queue or to a new queue of your choice.

Restore from a specific queue

If you know what queue the task lived in, you can view trashed items for just that queue by clicking the More menu and selecting View Trash.

View the trash for an individual queue.

👉 Pro Tip: If your task came from a Team, it won’t show up in your trash queue. To retrieve trashed tasks from teams, use this method or view the Team Trash.

Active and archived tasks

Tasks are organized in the trash queue the same as in any other queue. When a task is archived and then deleted, it will display under Archived tasks in the trash queue.

View archived items in the Trash queue.

👉 Pro Tip: If you can’t find a deleted task in the trash queue and it hasn’t been 30 days, check for tasks that were already archived when they were deleted by switching to the Archived view.

Recover deleted tasks

Restore from the task menu

You can restore trashed tasks by choosing Restore Task from the task's More menu.

Restore a task from the trash from the task menu.

This process will attempt to restore the task back to its previous position in the queue where it was removed.

When you see the popup confirming the task has been restored, you can click Locate to be taken directly to that task’s location.

Locate where a task was restored to.

If the queue where the task originally lived has been removed, you’ll see a message letting you know you’ll need to drag the task to a new queue of your choosing.

You'll receive a notification if the original queue no longer exists.

Drag and drop to a new queue

You can restore tasks from the trash by dragging them from the trash queue into another queue.

Drag tasks from the trash to other queues to restore tasks.


When subtasks are trashed, they’re separated from the parent task.

Moving a task with subtasks to the trash separates the parent task from the subtasks.

This means they have to be restored individually if you need to recover them.

Subtasks are not stored under parent tasks in the Trash Queue.

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