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Free up storage space by clearing your trash
Free up storage space by clearing your trash

Permanently delete items stored in your trash

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Tasks that have been in the trash for more than 30 days are automatically, permanently deleted. However, if you’ve accumulated lots of deleted tasks, this queue can also be emptied manually. Here’s what to do when it’s time to take out the trash. 🗑

Permanently delete individual tasks

If you know you no longer need to refer to a trashed task, you can permanently delete it by finding the task in Trash.

Choose Delete Forever from the task's menu.

❗️Please Note: Once permanently deleted, a task CANNOT be recovered! Make sure you no longer need the task before deleting it forever.

Empty trash for a queue

Each time you delete a task, it’s stored in the trash queue. You can also view the trash for a specific queue to only see tasks deleted from that queue.

To clear the trash for a specific queue, go to that queue and open the drop down menu by clicking the three dots to the right.

Then choose Empty Trash.

❗️Please Note: Clearing the trash for a specific queue will only permanently delete trashed tasks from that queue. It will not delete any trashed tasks from your other queues.

Clear account trash

Your trash queue is where any deleted tasks from your Inbox or My Queues will be stored. After 30 days, items are permanently deleted. If you want to manually delete all trashed tasks from your Trash, you can clear the entire queue and permanently delete all the items with just a few clicks.

Open the queue menu for your trash queue by clicking the arrow beside the queue name on the left side-panel.

Click Empty Trash to permanently delete all items from the trash queue.

Empty trash from the menu in the Lefthand panel.

Remember: Deleting tasks permanently means they are gone forever and cannot be recovered! Be sure that you don’t need to retrieve the tasks before deleting them for good.

❗️Please Note: Clearing the trash queue does not clear deleted tasks from Team Queues. Here’s how you can find out how to clear trash for Team Queues.

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