Deactivate Google Calendar syncing

Remove GQueues tasks from your Google Calendar

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GQueues’ immediate, two-way syncing with Google Calendar gives you a place to visually map out how much time your work requires and enables reminders for tasks.

If you don't want to have GQueues tasks show up on your Google Calendar anymore, you can deactivate the syncing at any time. This will remove your GQueues calendar from Google Calendar, but the associated tasks in GQueues will remain intact.

Deactivate Google Calendar syncing

To deactivate syncing:

  1. Go to the Calendar tab in GQueues Settings. Under Google Calendar syncing click Deactivate

    Deactivate calendar syncing for your account from your GQueues settings

  2. Confirm you want to continue by clicking Deactivate.

    Confirm you want to continue with deactivating calendar syncing

❗️Please Note: Deactivating Google Calendar syncing will NOT delete any tasks in GQueues. You won't lose any data in GQueues, only the GQueues calendar and associated events in Google Calendar.

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