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See who else is on your team and what role they have

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Different team member roles have different permissions. Find out who is on your team and what they can do so you know how to best work together to accomplish your goals.

View members from team menu

As a team member

If you are a Manager, Collaborator, Completer, Commenter, or Viewer, you can view all the members of a team by opening the team menu and choosing Team Members.

As a member of a team queue, view your team members from the drop down menu.

A pop-up window will appear with a list of your team members and their permissions:

A preview of your team will show in a pop up window.

As a team owner

Because owners have the ability to change the members of a team, they can view the current members by opening the team menu and selecting Team Settings.

As a team owner, view team members from Team Settings.

The team owner can see team members listed under the Members tab:

View team members from the Members tab.

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