If you’re a member of lots of teams, you can easily rearrange them without affecting how those teams appear to others. Your work zone should be arranged to fit your unique needs.

Drag and drop

To rearrange your teams, simply click the team you’d like to move, and drag it to your desired position.

Drag and drop to rearrange Teams in your left hand panel.

👉 Pro Tip: Move the teams you’re most frequently engaged with to the top of the Teams block for quick and easy access.

Rearranging team queues will only affect how they’re displayed on your account, giving you control over how you’d like to prioritize without messing up your teammates’ organization in their left side panel.

Please Note: The same is NOT the case when rearranging queues within a team. Changes you make to the team queue order will apply to all members of the team.

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