Whether you're in Gmail, Google Calendar, or Google Drive, you can use the Google Add-on to search for active tasks in your GQueues account, edit them, or create brand new tasks. This way you can quickly check if you've already captured something in GQueues without needing to leave the app you're currently in!

Create new tasks

When you open the Add-on in Gmail, Google Calendar, or Google Drive the home screen is shown whenever a specific email or calendar event is not currently selected.

From here you can create a new task and specify any necessary details.

Enter your search term and click Search to locate existing tasks in your GQueues account

Add full task details right from the Add-on

Find and modify existing tasks

You can search for tasks and modify them as needed from the Add-on home screen.

Select Create New Task from the add-on home screen to add a new task in your GQueues account

Click on the desired task from your search results to view and edit task details

👉 Pro Tip: If you are already viewing an email or calendar event, you can navigate back to the home screen of the Add-on by clicking the arrow in the upper left corner.

Click the back arrow to return to the home screen in the Google Workspace Add-on

What's next?

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