The GQueues for Google Workspace Add-on makes it possible for you to create tasks out of emails, and create new tasks in any queue from Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. To make sure it's working as efficiently as possible, we recommend adjusting your settings based on what you do most.

Adjust the defaults for your Add-on

To configure the Add-on open the top menu and choose Settings.

Set default queue for new tasks

By default, any new tasks created in the Google Workspace Add-on are set to go to your Inbox. If you have another queue you use most often for your tasks, you can set that to be the default so you don't have to change it every time you create a task.

Set the default queue for new tasks to be added in when created from the Google Workspace Add-on

Set default email settings

When viewing tasks in Gmail, you can set whether you'd like the current email to be attached or linked to the task by default. You can also choose both or neither!

Choose if emails are automatically attached and/or linked to tasks in the Google Workspace Add-on by default

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