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Turn your emails into tasks with the Google Workspace Add-on
Turn your emails into tasks with the Google Workspace Add-on

Link or attach emails to GQueues tasks right from Gmail on the web or mobile when you integrate GQueues with Gmail

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The Google Workspace Add-on lets you link and/or attach emails to your tasks, making it ideal for when:

  • People email you new projects

  • Folks send complex requests via email

  • Emails have information relevant to something you're working on

  • You want to mark tasks complete from Gmail

If your swear by inbox zero, but want to make sure important emails actually get addressed, then creating tasks from emails with the Add-on will change the game.

Create tasks from emails

On the web

To turn an email into a task, while viewing the email, click the GQueues button from the add-on side panel.

Click the GQueues icon in the add on panel to use the Google Workspace Add-on

A new task is started with the email subject automatically inserted as the task title.

The email subject line will automatically be inserted as the task title

Modify and add the necessary information for the task and click the Create Task button.

Add task details and modify the information if necessary, then click Create Task to create the task in GQueues

On your mobile device

You can also create tasks out of emails from the Gmail app on your iOS or Android device. While viewing the email you'd like to associate with a task, scroll to the bottom of the email and tap the GQueues icon in the Available Add-ons section.

In the Gmail app, scroll to available add-ons and tap on the GQueues icon

To view the Add-on in full-screen mode tap the header bar and it will expand.

Double tap the GQueues banner to see the add-on in full screen

Set the details for the task as desired.

Add task details as desired from your Gmail app

Scroll to the bottom and tap the Create Task button.

Click "Create Task" to associate the email to the task and add it in GQueues all at once

❗️Please Note: Google hasn't updated the tablet or iPad Gmail app to include add-ons. Until they release an update that will allow users to access their add-ons while using their tablet or iPad, GQueues users can only access the Google Workspace Add-on on the web and the iPhone and Android phone apps.

Associate emails to tasks

The key feature when using the Google Workspace Add-on in Gmail is the ability to attach and/or link the email to a task as you create it. You can choose if you'd like the email attached or linked while creating the task, or editing it later.

You can set the default way to associate an email with a task by configuring the add-on's settings.

Attach or link current email to the task from within Gmail

Attach emails

When you attach the current email to a task, GQueues will attach a copy of the email at the time of attachment and any attachments within email to the task itself. It's ideal for when you're sharing a task with others.

By attaching the email to the task, you allow any collaborators to see the email directly inside GQueues.

❗️Please Note: The combined size of all attachments in the thread and the email itself cannot exceed 30MB. Additionally, any single attachment cannot be over 20MB. Exceeding these size limitations will cause an error preventing the task from getting created.

Link emails

Linking the email will insert a link to the email thread in the task notes. When you view the task in GQueues, you can click the link, which will open up the actual email thread in Gmail. It's ideal if you want to make sure any replies to the email are captured in the task as well.

The link is only viewable by the task creator, since the link is specific to their email account, but it makes it super easy to locate the email in Gmail to reply later.

👉 Pro Tip: If you want to be able to see email updates and make the email viewable by task collaborators, you should attach and link the email from the Add-on.

Add emails to existing tasks

To associate an email to an active task that already exists in your GQueues account, open the menu and choose Search for Task.

Choose search for task from More menu to find an existing task

Enter a word in the task description or notes and click the Search button.

❗️Please Note: The search results will only include tasks that are in the active portion of the queue, not the archive.

Enter the search term to find the GQueues task you'd like to associate the current email to

Click on the desired task in the search results.

Choose the task you'd like to associate the current email with

Choose to either attach the current email or link the current email to the task.

Choose whether you'd like to attach or link the current email to the task in GQueues

The email will then be attached or linked to the task, depending on your selection.

View and modify existing tasks associated with an email

If an email is already associated with a task in GQueues, the Add-on will automatically open to that task.

Ways the Add-on identifies associated tasks

The Add-on can identify tasks as associated with the current email in a variety of ways:

1. If you have previously created a task out of the current email the Add-on will display it automatically

A task that has the current email attached to it viewed through the Google Workspace Add-on

2. If the email body itself includes links to GQueues tasks the Add-on will display them in a list which you can click to view (provided you have proper access).

An email with GQueues task links in the email body, with corresponding tasks in the Google Workspace Add-on

3. If the email is a Google Calendar reminder for a GQueues task it will display the related task

Google Calendar email reminder for an existing GQueues task, with the task details displayed in the Google Workspace Add-on

4. If the email is a GQueues notification it will display the related task or assignment

GQueues notification email with task details displayed in the Google Workspace Add-on

Types of tasks you can complete and edit through the Add-on

You can modify your own tasks, team tasks, or tasks in collaborative queues directly in the Add-on, including marking a task complete or updating the task details.

Mark a task complete directly from Gmail with the Google Workspace Add-on

You can add comments to assignments and mark them complete directly in the Add-on as well.

Comment on tasks assigned to you from Gmail with the Google Workspace Add-on

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